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Kocaeli University Campus Renovation


The Campus Area is in the Anıtpark area in the city center of Kocaeli. The campus area is in an area reserved for education outside the main campus. Anıtpark University Campus is aimed to be a social-cultural center for both students and citizens.


Interior Architecture, Facade and Courtyard Design


Kocaeli University



Faculties' View from Courtyard

The foresight that this area will become an important center that feeds and nourishes the city with the dynamics to be created has been the main determining concept in the planning of the campus. The campus area is an attraction point for the citizens. The connection of the campus with the city prevents the students from being isolated from the city life and ensures that the citizens and students are together at different times.

By experiencing different situations of encountering with each other both during and outside of class hours, students go beyond the familiar school and course matching, and they are provided with different experience environments.

Main Circulation Diagram

KOU Sketches Board.png

Process on Sketches

• Kocaeli University Campus Renovation
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